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                                                           Pietenpol  History
                                                            ~~   Bernard H. Pietenpol 1901-1984  ~~
Born in Spring Valley (airfield in Cherry Grove), Minnesota, Mr. Pietenpol was considered Minnesota's
premiere aircraft homebuilder.  He learned to fly in the 1920's constructing his first homebuilt airplane in
1923 with a Ford Model T engine (Sky Scout).  In April of 1929, he brought a Model A engined two-seat
airplane (Air Camper) to Minneapolis, Minnesota to show the editor of Modern Mechanics magazine that
an auto engined airplane could indeed fly. The plane's plans were published in the magazine and it
became a favorite homebuilt airplane, which continues to this day.  Mr. Pietenpol is considered the
"Father Of Homebuilt Aircraft".
Bernard was a self-taught engineer, who designed his own airfoils and made his own stress analysis.  
He taught in the CPT before World War II.  He returned to the aircraft business and continued building
airplanes, selling plans, experimenting with Corvair powered flight, and helping other homebuilders
with their projects.  His original hanger and one of his last built planes is now on display on EAA
grounds at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.   His grandson Andrew Pietenpol fly's Mr. Pietenpol's last built Corvair
powered plane, and continues building Air Campers and selling plans with Mr. Pietenpol's son Donald
Pietenpol AirCamper NX770CG
The Journey of Building and Flying
Pietenpol AirCamper  NX770CG

From Trees and Rags, to Stick & Rudder
Pietenpols are Forever !!

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